Your Ultimate Comparison: McAfee vs Avast in 2020

Every user needs to protect his device from numerous online attacks. That’s why choosing a reliable and trustworthy antivirus is a No 1 task for everyone. Nowadays, the selection of options is immense. The tops choices include McAfee and Avast. They shield computers from malware and bring extra useful features. Today we’ll compare McAfee vs Avast in 2020 and find out which one is better.


Both companies came up with user-friendly interfaces. They are nicely organized, intuitive, and straightforward. Yet, there are several differences.

McAfee’s interface is straightforward and bright. It uses a horizontal menu to save space for other modules. The main screen has a checkmark to indicate protection status. On the other side, a user may launch a scan, observe the updates, and use other features.

Avast’s interface looks modern and user-friendly. It has 4 modules on the left. Using them every user can intuitively navigate to the needed feature. The center has a scan button and a color-corrected status mark. It’s green when the protection is on and yellow/red when something is off or other actions need to be taken.

Malware Protection

Based on the results of the independent testing labs, McAfee has more powerful antivirus engines and secures better malware protection. However, both antivirus solutions are good at it and score very high.

Based on the results from the independent testing labs like AV-Test and AV-Comparatives, both engines secure high protection. However, from 6 possible points, McAfee scored 6, while Avast received 5,5. They both got the highest ADVANCED+ award for an excellent detection rate and only a few false positives.


Both companies have plenty of extras to offer, but they are spread out differently. While McAfee includes lots of extras in the affordable bundles, Avast reserves them for more luxurious plans. So, basically one may get very similar features but at different prices.

McAfee offers several bundles that bring different sets of extras. The luxurious plan has a firewall, a vulnerability scan, the true-key identity manager, a file shredder, a Wi-Fi inspector, and a file encryption tool. The suite may also come with parental control features and extra tools for complete and all-round protection.

Avast may offer a lot, too. The company offers different kinds of protection from viruses, malware, spam, and ransomware. What’s more, the bundle may come with a VPN, a file encryption tool, a firewall, a password manager, ID Theft Protection, and some other extras. The company added several optimization tools like the Cleanup Premium.

Impact on System Performance

Comparing the system impact, both solutions scored excellent marks. Independent testing labs prove it and state that these programs have a very minimal impact. This can be easily called a tie since they are both great at minimizing the impact on system performance.


While both of them offer some free minimal bundles, we’ll compare premium plans. In this situation, McAfee offers better pricing policies and more features.

McAfee prices range from $25 to $100 annually for one device. Licenses that cover all household devices will cost more.

Avast has a generous free edition that brings several extra features. Premium plans start from $60 per year for one device and go up to $120.

Bottom Line

In the comparison, McAfee vs Avast in 2020, McAfee seems to be a leader. It has plenty of features with minimal impact on system performance. What’s more, it has affordable and reliable malware protection. Avast, on the other hand, is still a decent choice than has a higher rating compared to many other solutions. So, use the information above to make own conclusions and choices.


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